The Stiletto Girls Books

Each of The Stiletto Girls’ books has three individual short stories based on the book’s theme.  You can read the books and the stories in any order you choose.  The stories are rated by chili peppers: mild, medium and hot!


Betrayal – Glenna West – Betrayed by their writing partner, Marjorie Rogers and Denise Robb set out on a new journey which leads them to #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

It’s Better in the Dark – C. Deanne Rowe – This birthday could change Sofie Edwards’ life forever as she discovers It’s Better in the Dark.

Take A Chance On Love – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers – Jennifer Sinclair wants a vacation some place where men won’t be hitting on her constantly and where sex is out of the question. But Jennifer doesn’t count on Caleb Hollister walking back into her life.  When Caleb sees Jennifer, all he wants is sex and lots of it. Who wins?






Merry Christmas Dr. McGorgeous – Glenna West – Alissa Brandt’s Christmas spirit is tested when her boyfriend steals her savings then runs off with her best friend leaving her broke and alone at Christmas.  Could Dr. Rush Jones help her replace what she has lost?

Christmas at Sunnydale – C. Deanne Rowe – While helping her aging aunt finish writing her last book, Angelique Rose Taylor finds the romance easy to write but struggles with the hot, steamy, love scenes for which her aunt is well known.  She struggles, that is, until she meets Jason Palmer.  There is nothing like lust and desire to help spur Angelique’s muse.  Wait until she finds out what Santa Claus is bringing her for Christmas.

A Christmas Delivery – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers – When Santa’s Corvette hits a snow bank on his way to deliver Christmas presents, it’s up to Micki McAllister, the town’s mechanic and tow truck driver, to get him out of the mess.  Sparks fly as Santa delivers a Christmas memory Micki’s not likely to forget.




Home Again – Glenna West – After an unsuccessful marriage, Braedi Jones returns home to find her roots but runs into Dusty Rhoades, the boy from her childhood.  Can she handle the man he’s become or will she run once again?

Single on Valentine’s Day – C. Deanne Rowe – Paige Bennett’s life changed forever after a one-night stand with handsome Sam Garrett on Valentine’s Day.  Her heart tells her she is in love; her mind tells her she should forget him.  Which one does she listen to?

Guardian of My Heart – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers – A wedding gone wrong lands Lisa Bonham in Dakota James’ world.






Island SurpriseC. Deanne Rowe – When Dana Drummond’s life was turned upside down by her cheating fiancé a week before their wedding, she raffled off the only thing she couldn’t refund, her honeymoon.  Selling tickets only to her female co-workers and friends, she couldn’t believe the person who turned up with the winning ticket.   A week on the beautiful island of Maui with Mitchell Wellborn was not what Dana Drummond had in mind. She was in for a huge Island Surprise.

Loosen Up With Lucy Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers – When radio station secretary, Sommer Day frantically takes over “On the Air” for a tipsy deejay she invents the “Loosen Up with Lucy” show starring Dr. Lucy Honey, sex therapist.  Everything goes smoothly until newspaper reporter, Jake Black discovers she’s no sex therapist – she’s a virgin!

Dare to LoveGlenna West – Photojournalist, Niki Lang accepts a dare from The Daring Divas.  She must sleep with a strange man and bring back a pair of his underwear as proof.  The Divas pick Firechief Will Sinclair as her target.  Does Niki manage to secure a pair of underwear from the Chief or will she have to resort to buying a pair?




Twilight Beach – C. Deanne Rowe – Allison Chandler’s dreams were to be the first in her family to attend college, become a lawyer and marry her high school love.  After ten years Allison had everything except one, Tucker Jones.  Now that his father needs Allison’s help can she finally have it all?

Lisa’s Storm – Glenna West – A river rescue, a breaking and entering and a gun drawn lead to the adventure of a lifetime for Lisa Delaney and Jason Storm.

Wife For Hire – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers – Ashley Wainwright needs money and Wade Hollister needs a wife.  Sounds easy enough but neither count on life throwing them a curve.






Cantrell Vineyards – Glenna West – When Rose Cantrell’s husband is killed in the military, one man owes him his own life – Clay Townsend.  Intending to tell the widow what happened, Clay is suspected of stealing from her vineyard.  Could he be a thief or are other forces in play?

Escape to Napa Valley –  C. Deanne Rowe – When Cherish Carter grows tired of being stood up by her long-time boyfriend, she escapes from it all to Napa Valley.  Will she find true love among the vineyards?

Wine Country Affair – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers – Lizzie Malone meets hunky millionaire, Nico Varrelli and trouble is on the horizon.  Can they settle their differences for a chance at a lifetime of love?





Cheyenne Richards – by Glenna West – Pregnant at thirteen, Cheyenne Richards was sent to Sturgis, SD to live with her grandparents, leaving the only boy she had ever loved.  Now, as owner of the Knucklehead Saloon she knew love was out of the question.  At least until fate stepped in.

Kitten’s Dream – by C. Deanne Rowe – Mary Katherine Sullivan had been crazy about Tucker Carson since she was a little girl.  She didn’t think he knew she existed until a trip to Sturgis helped him see what he was missing.

Dixie Dalton – by Magnolia ‘Maggie’ Rivers – Dixie Dalton stops in Sturgis to see what the rally is all about but runs into Jake Matthews, locally known as “Bear” and things heat up when the two enter a contest to see who can sit on a motorbike the longest!





Nikki’s Secret – by Glenna West – Nicole Swanson was very happy teaching Kindergarten, but she was hoping to add to her income by having a romance published.  Nicole had no idea after becoming Author Nikki Love, how much hot, steamy sex would become part of her life, not only through her writing, but also after Lucas McFarland.

Night Moves – by C. Deanne Rowe – Whitney Gaylord thought she had her life planned.  A promising career in insurance during the day and another career at night known as Marigold, the most popular dancer at Beach Babes.  Nothing was going to stop her from reaching her goals; that is until she meets Conner Sullivan.

Her Heart’s Door – by Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers – Alexis Malone crosses paths with Sheriff Levi Stanton.  Sparks fly when she refuses to show him what’s behind the “red door.”






Second Chances–  Glenna West – When Allie Marie Grisham watches rodeo rider, Tobias Garrett Armstrong, Mr. Bedroom Voice himself, steal money from his friend, she writes him off her list.  But, when she needs rescuing, he’s there to offer his services.  Will he rescue her heart in the process?

Accidental Cowgirl – C. Deanne Rowe – While researching Dude Ranches for her next novel Taylor Johnson not only falls for the owner, Wade Davis, but discovers she’s more than a stiletto wearing city girl.

Jackson Cooper – Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers – When Jackson Cooper agrees to renting a room in his house to super model Miki Hayes, he doesn’t bargain for the demanding bitch she portrays and Miki doesn’t bargain for Jackson stealing her heart in the process.